KatsVoice is operated by Audio Professional,
Kathleen "Kat" Keesling,  
providing Voiceover and Consulting services, 
audio tracking, editing, and mass quantity audio conversions. 

(805) 285-3377          Kat@KatsVoice.net

Can your budget afford a Professionally recorded Voiceover?

Voice projects are unique; they come in all different sizes, shapes, purpose, and budgets. These days, for any business or organization to remain viable, they must run on sensible budgets.

Though my equipment, training and expertise are valued services, I don't believe a one minute avatar in your e-learning module should cost the same as a National television commercial, nor do I believe that a :60 radio spot in Smallville, USA should cost as much as your first car!

Your budget matters to me.

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