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What if you found out the most successful campaigns are successful due to HOW the copy was delivered ?

It's true. It is less important WHO delivers the words, but rather HOW the words, scripts, or copy material are delivered that really makes the difference.

But how should it be done?

The answer seems obvious, especially if you listen to your radio, watch your television or cruise the internet.  The sad fact is advertisers will copy other advertisers because it "sounds right", or ... sounds like an "ad". The goal in advertising is to sound UNLIKE your competition. The goal is for your listeners to remember YOU!

Voice professionals are not all created equally. Many are simply behind the microphone under the guidance of information passed down from a large advertising agency. There is no guarantee they have the background and experience to know what key elements affect the listener.  

Most of the Elements are Missed!

Voice coaches teach copy points, conversational styles, and other concepts. With so many coaches and talent flooding the market, many are still missing the most essential pieces that really make the difference.  It takes more than a beautiful voice and a microphone to bring your product to life.

Contact me now, and schedule a time to visit with me so you can control your production to be sure your message produces the desired response.

On your Consultation call, you will receive ...
      • Key elements of your message delivery specific to your project or course.
      • What "Voice Branding" is, what it means for you, and how without it you could be missing your target.
      • Your key demographics, and how different demographics will react to your message or lesson.
      • An illustration of how a mis-delivery of your message may be ineffective, but also how it can generate an adverse effect.
What happens after your FREE Consultation?

I follow up via email with a customized written transcript of our work together for you to use however you wish. Based on the outcome, I make recommendations specific to your product brand and message. Sometimes I recommend myself to perform the project, but only if it is best for your project. 

Included with my recommendation, I provide an offer of a free service and discount tailored to your promotions or lessons, to make it easier to do business with me or my colleagues.

As an added bonus, I will send you my free report on "The Language of the Wealthy". 

This report explains the commonly misunderstood market of those with the most dispensable income. Applying the concepts from this report, you will know how to target your audience, match them to your products or message and translate the message of your higher priced items into the language they understand.

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